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My name is Earl Nelson. My “WHY” began at the age of 16 when I was at the weight of 380 lbs. This is where my journey began...
Over the past five years, I have trained over 100 people, 3 of which lost over 100lbs, conducted workshops on healthy eating, and have been a guest panelists discussing my life and the link between depression and obesity. Through my experiences, I have realized that everyone’s journey will be different and can appear challenging.It is my ultimate desire to push forward and remain an example to all that I come in contact with, continue sharing my journey with hopes to inspire! I want everyone to know and feel that no matter the challenge...the journey is worth taking- because the destination is the life you want to live, not the life your weight causes you to live!
Train with Purpose, Eat with Conviction


Coach Eddy G. Extreme strength and coniditioning coach. Certified personal trainer. Experience and accomplishments: Semi pro football champion, amateur Muay Thai fighter, powerlifting (RH) 198lb Class. Mission: To pass on my knowledge and help everyone no matter their level of fitness, to become better then who they were yesterday. 

Today's struggles are tomorrow's strengths!!